Stronger Together (they didn't know we were seeds)

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My latest piece for Waxing Poetic 2016 + Poem

Stronger Together Encaustic Bethany Handfield

Stronger Together (they didn’t know we were seeds)

I wanted to paint you a pretty picture

but my heart was cut open wide

by the  country of my birth

from this we cannot hide


I wanted to paint you a pretty picture

but the landscape was divided

flowers wilted

white cloaks out of hiding


Instead of a pretty picture

I ask you to Do The Right Thing

Stand UP for those who are weeping

Stand Up for those who are shaking

Stand Up for those being counted

                for those who are loving

                for those who are just like you and me

Stand Up together in solidarity


They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds planting love that will

grow and Grow and Grow and GROw and GROW

©Bethany Handfield (2016)

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