Dia del los Muertos

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What a treat to be invited to participate in not one but two Dia del los Muertos alters at this annual event at the Shatford Centre in Penticton. I joined up with my Rip Off pals to take on the Pablo Picasso alter and with the lovely ladies of CanwaxWest for Frida Khalo. Everyone did a spectacular job.

Here is the Rip Offs' Picasso alter.

Rip Off Dia del lod Meurtos alter

On this alter I created a double sided "Picasso Heart" with encaustic and mixed media. The wings were made from fabric saturated in wax and reworked with my trusty PanPastel.

Encaustic Pablo Picasso

Here is the darling CanwaxWest Friday alter.

CanwaxWest encaustic Frida Khalo

On this alter I created a Sugar Skull using Evan's Encaustic black gesso and my Encaustic Art stylus. The skull was made from plaster and I gave it a gentle sand to provide more tooth for the gesso. I loved how the black gesso gave the skull a charred look,

Encaustic Sugar Skull by Bethany Handfield

The show is on until November 6th. I can't wait for next year...

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