New Colour Sets

Posted by Bethany Handfield on

I have been so inspired by the beautiful custom colours sets everyone has been creating I decided to come up with three new custom sets myself to share with all of you. 

Exploring Encaustic New Custom Sets

They are:

I Love Metallics: 4x Gold, 4x Silver, 4x Bronze & 4x Pearlescent

I Love Pastels: 4 x Pastel Mint, 4x Pastel Blue, 2x Pastel Lilac, 2x Pastel Orange, 2x Pastel Cream & 2x Pastel Coral

I Love Black & White: 4x Black, 4x White, 4x Clear Medium, 2x Grey & 2x Indigo

These are in the shop for a limited time, but if everyone loves them I will make them permanent.

I am also open to your favorite color suggestions!

Happy Painting :)


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