Updated Encaustic FAQ & Studio Safety

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Encaustic Bees Lightbulb

Frequently Asked Questions & Studio Safety

We have updated our FAQ with more hints and tips for a safe and fun encaustic journey

Included are a few answers to commonly asked questions and tips on safety. Please be sure to always refer to the packaging and the manufacturer’s website in case information has changed. We are an online art store and do not make the items we sell except where noted.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

We recommend that if you are new to encaustic that you first take a class in person or online with a reputable teacher. We are familiar with teachers in Canada and the USA and can make recommendations depending on your area of interest.

A good idea is to see what style of painting you are drawn to and then find the best teacher to learn from. Research is your best friend and there are many forums on social media to find the right teacher for you. Chose a teacher with a solid studio practice, who is respected in the encaustic community and recommended by other students, and who teaches in a safe manner.

If you opt to try it on your own first, please be very cognizant of safety.

Please follow all manufacturer guidelines.

#1 Tip – If it is metal and plugged in it will be hot. Do not touch.

We invite you to see the new Encaustic FAQ by clicking here...



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