Encaustic Art Hot Tools: Stylus Pro

  • $64.00

This electrically powered Stylus Pro wax graphics tool will enable detailed application and working with the wax colours. It works as a pen, a brush an icon and mark making tool. The twin heat control with an on/off switch on the handle (active red light on handle) makes life easy and the work is very controllable and enjoyable. The threaded tip fixing system offers quick tip changes and allows many tip and head types to be used. 

Size: 200mm x 32mm diameter (without any tip fitted)
Lightweight Cable: 1400mm long (approximately)
It comes complete with:
1 x Drawing Tip (Ref #99530605)
1 x Wire Brush Head (Ref #99530610)
1 x Oblong Tip – Rectangular (Ref #99530730)
Small metal stand (optional to use)
Fine Abrasive Paper (for careful reshaping & polishing of tips)